Saturday, November 5, 2011

Passport Renewal and Summer Plans

I know this blog is not officially "live" yet (because I'm not yet twenty), but I wanted to write about my recent accomplishment of half of number 21. On October 24th, I took my driver's license, my old passport, and my voter's registration card to the post office and applied for a new passport. I got it back about a week ago.

Here's a little heads-up, if you were younger than sixteen when your first passport was issued, it only lasts for five years and you have to apply again for a new one in person with all forms of identification. Otherwise, passports last for ten years and you can reapply by mail.

The exciting part is that I had to get a new passport because I applied (and was accepted!) to spend five weeks in Asia teaching English as a second language this coming summer. Yay! This means that number 06 on my list will also see some crossing out.

I can't wait to get started on this adventure!