Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Pack for Five Weeks in Asia

In case you haven't heard, I'm going to Asia for five weeks! I board my first plane in t minus 76 hours. Oh yes. Here are some random tips for packing for a five week trip!

You can find these tiny green towels at
1. Buy a towel that is literally shorter than your eight-year-old cousin and several inches too small to wrap all the way around you. But it absorbs eight times its weight!
2. Don't pack your iPod cord or phone charger 4 days early thinking that you're "ahead of the game." You will need them before you leave.

3. Bring interchangable clothes, especially bottoms. For the three weeks of English teaching I'll be doing, I have khaki capris, khaki shorts, black pants, and a black skirt. And a dress just for fun (not pictured).

4. Pack all that random stuff you brought too much of in plastic Zip-Loc or Hefty bags. For example, place small items in snack-size bags, then put a few of those into a quart bag, and a few of those into a gallon bag. Pack multiple items into a two gallon bag. Yes, they sell those in the store. I'm still wondering why we have those at my house.
Don't forget the stickers for your students!
Can you tell I'm bringing stuff for teaching about Valentine's Day?

5. Below Left. Roll your clothes. It's easy, keeps most of the wrinkles out, and you can see everything at one time. Try not to wad your clothes, because they will definitely end up that way after two or more flights.

6. Above Right. Limit the amount of shoes you bring. You'll need something to wear to teach in and something to play in. Yes, four shoes is "limiting it" for me. I can't believe I have so many shoes!

7. Knit your own travel accessories! The passport holder in shown in blue/brown and the pattern can be found here. The navy money wallet is my own "homemade" pattern. See it here.

8. Travel Sizes. Of Everything. "There are stores in Asia!"

9. Bring notes and momentos from friends who love you and are praying for you! Below.

10. Make sure you have something to do on the 15 hour airplane ride!

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