Monday, October 15, 2012

On the Day I Voted Absentee

When I left my apartment-dorm and walked down the stairs to the building where my first class is held today, I noticed that the clouds were misty over the mountains. Now, the skies are beautiful blue, the breeze is cool, and the sunshine is warm. I know it sounds more like Spring than Fall, but I promise, this is a lovely Autumn day in Northeast Georgia.

It is also the day I mailed in my absentee ballot. Oh yes, I'm a real adult now. This has been a pretty neat experience! I mean, who would have thought that there is an "straight party" voting option? I knew there are two main parties and usually a third candidate, but what's up with having six options? And, for those of you voting in my home state, the question about governors and lieutenant governors at the end has more dependent clauses than a bad high school English paper.
But all of that aside, I'm so glad I got to vote in this election. Because I have to vote absentee, I also get to cross off half of number 26. It is an exciting experience to have a say in what goes on in our country, and I am thankful for governmental system we have here, even if it is flawed.

Mailing in my ballot!

 And no, I won't tell you who I voted for. :)

 Happy "Firsts..."
-- First time making  my own bulletin board! Used the Ellison die-cute machine and everything.
-- First time watching football on tv because I wanted to. And I enjoyed it!
-- First time voting in the presidential election!
-- First time having a published author sign a book for me.

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