Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall in Pictures

Wondering what's been happening in Alex's world recently? You came to the right place! Here's late summer and early Fall, in pictures, of course. I have done a lot of things "for the first time" since I last posted, and I wanted to share some of those exciting moments!

Back to school Luau with some friends

Found international fruit at Ingles! Got myself a dragonfruit!

No. 14 - Own a family recipe book. 

My beautiful new room, lovely and organized

Heart-shaped muffins!
Coffee Underground for the first time!

Had some friends over to the terrace for dinner. 

Knitted half-fingered gloves for a new-old friend!

Learned how to make hot and cold Chai Lattes!
Started to feel like an English teacher for real!

Saw Tenth Avenue North in Concert!

I love ladybugs!
Got cool shots of some "wildlife"

First time on a real hammock today... in my life!!

No. 26 - Vote absentee.
Received my absentee ballot in the mail today!

I figured it was time to make note that I had completed number 14, which is "compile a family recipe book." Last semester, a lovely friend gave the recipe book in the picture above for my birthday. I thanked her profusely, but I wasn't going to call it my "family" recipe book until I had "family" recipes in it. Now, I have my mom's Ham Delights and broccoli salad, my grandma's Taco Soup, and even my great-great-aunt's macaroni pie from scratch.

The only thing I'm missing is my grandma's "lard biscuits," but since both mom and grandma are on a diet right now, I've hesitated to ask for the directions. There is no written recipe. My grandma made those biscuits for years and years, until my grandpa died six years ago. I'm hoping one day I'll be able to write down that recipe and save it for future generations.

Also worth noting is that I'm well on my way to completing number 26: vote both absentee and in person. I got my absentee ballot today, and I'm looking forward to (and somewhat nervous about) voting in my first election, and a presidential election at that! I hope to do some research concerning this process and share some of what I've learned.

Thanks for walking with me on this journey to thirty and the rest of my life! I've shared recently on my personal blog about what I'm learning about God; check it out!

Happy "Firsts..."
-- First time at Coffee Underground
-- First time knitting gloves
-- First time making (learning to make) Chai Lattes
(First time falling in love with hot tea!)
-- First time seeing Tenth Avenue North in concert
-- First time on a real hammock
-- First time preparing to vote in the presidential election

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