Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Summer and Number 7

Good News! Today, I received the contract for my summer job. I will be a camp counselor at a Christian girls' camp in Alabama for nine weeks this summer. I have praying for this for so long that I am just bursting with excitement about this opportunity!

Not only will my summer job provide me with a time to be with preteen girls, invest in their lives, develop life skills, and grow closer to other counselors, all within a Christian environment - but it will also 1) Provide much needed funds to be able to go to Thailand in 8 months! and 2) This goal will complete another state for number 7, as I've never been to Alabama before, as far as I can remember. I can't wait.

In addition, my grandmother and I have nailed down dates for our summer road trip to Canada. For my birthday, she gave me a road trip, and we have decided to go on our trip in August so I can work the full summer at camp. We will have seven days to drive up through states I've not yet visited, like Pennsylvania and West Virginia, to Canada, where neither of us have not yet visited, back down through Ohio and Michigan. We really want to see Niagara Falls, the Liberty Bell, and more of the East coast. And that will cross off number 18!

I hope this summer is as full of adventure as I'm planning. Stay tuned for more updates!