Tuesday, April 24, 2012

End of April Update

Remember those not-so-green thumbs I told you about earlier? Well, I looked at my calendar today and remembered that beside the highlighted note "Paper Due!" and the reading required in my Shakespeare class, I had written "Plant Grows!" Hopefully, of course.

So, I bounded over to the window and  found this! Wow! Took it two weeks and a couple failed attempts at remembering to water it, but here's one little sprout. Turns out, if it lives, it will become a marigold.

In other news, this Thursday, there is a blood drive on campus. We have them about 4 times a semester and, while this is my fourth semester, I still have not given blood. Donating blood is number 25 on my list, so I'm planning to go donate this Thursday! Wish me luck - I have a hard time with my veins.

There are only three weeks left in the semester, so I have been checking things off my semester goals and year goals lists recently. Here are some things I've completed or done well on maintaining....

  • Watch Amazing Grace
  • Keep fruit in my room (Blueberries a couple weeks ago, bananas this week!)
  • Compile resources about Teacher Education (my major - had to do this for class)
  • Visit my Dad and Stepmom with my friend Anna
  • Visit mutual friends with my friend Sarah
  • Attend four concerts
  • Take my roommate Lula to a nearby town called "Lula"
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher
  • Plan and prepare a meal for my church
  • Wear skirts everyday for seven days
  • Have coffee or lunch dates with a list of friends
The things I don't complete I will be eighty-sixing or modifying to try to accomplish next year. I hope this inspires you to set a few goals for yourself!

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